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Address: 11 Bermondsey Square, London


Good for: French Toast! Vanilla Cream! Groups! Hungry Runners! Cake Lovers!

So of course being runners food is extremely high if not the highest on the list of important things in life,  particularly after a half/full marathon training run.  We find it paramount that a brunch venue is booked and ready for us after a long run!

Now Harry and I were doing our long runs separately this time as our distances were a little different but we still managed to meet up (of course) for brunch!  This week it was all about De’Aziz.  Now earlier on in the week I had sent a little tweet out to Del’Aziz pre warning them that a lot of seriously hungry and most likely soaking (look at our running recap (link here) to hear how true this was!) runners on their way to them on Saturday!  They kindly played along and explained they would have towels at the ready.  I wrote straight back to them and said even though towels would be nice CAKE would be better.  Their response was this picture!


Now we were all excited!

We had booked a table for 15 as we all had plus ones waiting for us after the runs, considering the large number of people and only booking this two days in advance their Bermondsey branch said there would be no problems and looked forward to having us.

Our long runs always have a habit of taking longer than planned due to unscheduled stops, meeting people en route, stretching breaks and due to lots of other reasons this week our table of 15 all came in at very different times.  Now normally you would think that this would aggravate and annoy a restaurant but not here, the staff were extremely friendly and understanding and all in all just GREAT!

Now to the food and drink!  I ordered a “Yellow Banana” smoothie when I first came in to give me a much needed sugar hit (the start of many that day!) which included mango, banana and orange.  It was a good sized portion and tasted extremely fresh!  The girls ordered various different smoothies including a Purple Haze, Living Good and a Red Om – I wish I had a photo as the colours were reminiscent of a rainbow!  Everything in this place looks GOOD!

FOOD time! I went for the “Scrambled Eggs w/Homemade Gravad Lax” basically scrambled eggs and salmon, my favourite and when it came out I wasn’t disappointed!


The toast was gorgeous, thick and grainy – exactly what you want after a 17.5mile run.  The salmon was fresh and lightly seasoned and the eggs tasted like eggs!  I have had a run of pretty full on eggs where too much cream or cheese has been used and I am quite an egg purist.  I like the taste of eggs, eggs by themselves are just GREAT.  Don’t get me wrong adding a little milk or cream is ok but sometimes I feel that places go overboard and its more everything else than the eggs themselves!  Not here!

The only thing I wasn’t totally sold on was the Moroccan muffin, for me it was a little too dense.  However, one of the girls had ordered an omelette which looked amazing too but obviously wasn’t enough to fill that #RUNger so when I offered my muffin she gladly accepted and seemed to love it with butter smeared on top! Maybe it was just a personal taste thing!

Now of course after a long run and a savoury brunch you have to have something sweet – it’s the rule!  And this is why I Harry and I are best friends because we 100% agree, so we shared this …


The “French Toast & Fresh Fruit Salad” – IT WAS INCREDIBLE!  The bread was fluffy, covered in sugar without being horrifically sickly!  We actually pinched a bit of the vanilla cream from the “Berber Pancake” dish ordered by one of the other girls (this also looked amazing and a perfect amount of food for a hungry runner) which just finished us off nicely!

All in all Del’Aziz did not disappoint, between our table we enjoyed French toast, pancakes, omelettes, full breakfasts, royales, scambled eggs and vegetarian breakfasts and every single plate was cleared and definitely enjoyed!  Sadly however, this did mean when it came to admiring the incredible cakes none of us could be tempted but we certainly stared at them for a good five minutes … at least!



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